Sweet Basil’s Weekly Harvest

This week at Sweet Basil we have…Jelly! We have White Grape, Grape, Apple, Blackberry and Strawberry. All natural, homemade jams, jellies, and preserves are 3/$16 this week! We also have larger tomato and pepper plants in 1 qt. pots ($5) and lots of annuals for your Spring color! One boy mini-potbelly pig, only $50, ready to love!!! Lots of chicks, Black Copper Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Sex Links, Delawares and more, starting at $5 each.

We have fed our pigs very well, and will soon be ready for market. Place your orders now for naturally fed, farm fresh pork.

We are also now taking orders for Mother’s Day plants. We have four options, a hanging basket filled with blooming flowers ($25), a clay pot filled with beautiful blooming annual flowers($15), a wicker basket with houseplants ($20), or a perennial plant ($10), ready to be planted. Orders will be taken through Monday, May 4. Add a jam or jelly to any plant for just $6.


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