Meet the Brahma Breed of Chicken


While the exact origination is unknown of the Brahma, the history is rich. Brahmas are an Asiatic breed of fowl, and is believed to be a cross created in India of the Malay and Cochin, and imported from Shanghai, China. The Brahma was originally called Gray Shanghais (also Shanghaes) and Brahma Pootras (for the river Brahmaputra in India), and was a color in between the Light and Dark. The Light variety was perfected in America, while the Dark variety was perfected in England. The American Poultry Association admitted the the Light and Dark Brahma into the first American Standard of Excellence, in 1874, although the Brahma had landed in America long before. The Buff variety was admitted in 1924.


Although the American Poultry Association only recognizes three varieties, there are several other colors that would be well suited for backyard chickens, such as Partridge, Gold Partridge, Blue Partridge and Black. The weight of a hen should be 9 1/2 pounds, and the rooster 12 pounds. The beautifully feathered legs and feet, as well as the small pea combs, make them not only stand apart from other breeds, but also thrive in colder weather. (Although they are also very heat tolerant.)

Don’t let the large size of Brahmas scare you, they are very gentle and quite docile. While they tolerate confinement, they do best allowed to free range. (Their size protects them from aerial predators.) Brahmas are a heavy bird, making them a good choice for a meat bird, but also lay fairly well, especially in the winter months. They do go broody easily, so they make a good choice to hatch their own chicks. Overall, the Brahma makes an excellent backyard chicken!

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Special thanks to the American Standard of Perfection by the American Poultry Association, The Chicken Encyclopedia by Gail Damerow, Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius, Hobby Farms Guide to Chicken Breeds, Poultry World, the magazine for helpful information, as well as contributions from J. David Matthews, of Barnesville, Georgia in preparation of this article. Photo credits to Fowlvision.

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