WEED KILLING SOLUTION…A Lawn and Garden Tip From Sweet Basil

Got weeds? Tired of using the toxic, expensive chemicals? Tired of hand pulling, only to come right back and the weeds have seemingly mockingly multiplied? Well, try this recipe for a more natural weed killer. (Trust me, it is much safer than a blow torch….which honestly seemed to make my weeds have an even stronger will to live…and to fight back.) This works especially well if you have already mulched your beds, and use this solution to hit the any weeds on top. It may be necessary for tough weeds to treat again in a few days.


1 gallon vinegar
2 cups Epson Salt
1/4 cup Dawn dish detergent

Mix and spray on weeds in the morning, after dew has evaporated. Works better, is cheaper, better  for the environment!

As with all things, your results and opinions MAY not be the same as mine. What is written in this blog is my opinion, based on my own research.

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