This little piggy went to (Sweet Basil’s) market…Our newest litter of Mini Pigs…

Update…Boy # 1 & 3 are available and ready to go. Sweet Basil is proud to announce Daisy & Pork Chop’s litter of babies are here, and growing well. These little babies should be on the smaller side for Mini Pigs…A few should be in the Micro range. The previous litter between these two produced mostly Micro Minis, around 30 pounds. Full grown, at most they should weigh 40- 50 pounds, and be about the size of a basset hound, but a little wider 😉 . Pigs are highly intelligent, loving animals, and make great pets. They are very social, and get along well with most other animals, such as dogs, cats and rabbits. (Just make sure they are either raised together or you introduce and supervise very closely.) Very easy to potty train and teach tricks! They love to play!!! Watch the videos of ours on FB and you tube.

If you are interested in getting a pet pig, please contact me. Reservations are being taken, now, with a deposit. The babies will be ready in about 3 weeks, but don’t wait till then. These are too cute to last, they’ll go fast! 
GIrl 1 Girl 1, pic 2
Girl # 1, Sold Girl 1, pic 3
Girl 2, pic 1 Girl 2, pic 2
Girl # 2, SoldGirl 2, pic 3Girl 3, pic 3 GIrl 3, pic 2
Girl # 3, Sold Girl 3, pic 1Girl 4, pic 1  
Girl 4, Sold Girl 4, pic 3Girl 5, pic 1 Girl 5, pic 2 
Girl # 5, Sold  Girl 5, pic 3
Boy 1, pic 1 Boy 1, pic 2Boy # 1, $225
Boy 2, pic 2Boy 1, pic 3
Boy # 2, Sold  Boy 2, pic 1
Boy 3, pic 3Boy 3, pic 2 
Boy # 3, $300 Boy 3, pic 1We are Sweet Basil Farm & Garden on Facebook, Google + and all social media (find and like us for more videos, pictures, recipes, helpful tips and more.) We are a Middle Georgia producer of farm fresh fruits and vegetables and members of the American Poultry Association, licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture as Poultry Dealers and Brokers, and a proud member of the Georgia Grown program, a division of the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. We also breed, sell and ship poultry, pet pigs, bearded irises and much more. We have an 80 acre working farm, putting great emphasis on all natural gardening and livestock management practices. An 1840s general store is situated on our property, and serves as our on-site farmer’s market. Conveniently located off of Interstate 75 near the Johnstonville Rd exit (#193). We are six miles west, located in Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I sent you a message via Facebook. It may have went to your other folder. Feel free to email me if that’s easier.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,
    I am interested in the Girl#3 for $350… Will you please contact me back for arrangements, also is there a deposit to hold her?
    Thank you


    1. Sent you an email. Thanks.


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