Great Pyrenees Puppies for sale @ Sweet Basil


One sweet little girl left! (Girl # 1!) Sweet Basil is proud to show off and introduce our newest litter of Great Pyrenees. These little guys were born on October 8, and will be ready for their new homes in 3-4 weeks. Deposits are being taken now to hold the puppy of your choice. (Deposits are non-refundable and half of the price of the puppy, payable through paypal.) Their dad, Buddy and mom, Precious are Livestock Guardians for goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and more and couch potatoes int heir spare time. Puppies will have their first set of shots and wormer before they leave for their forever home. They make the perfect Christmas gift!!!


Great Pyrenees make wonderful family pets, as well as majestic Livestock Guardians Dogs.  They are very loyal to their masters and fiercely protective, but also extremely independent. Pyrs are amazingly intelligent, and thrive with a job to do. The sheer size of them, combined with a monster sized bark is enough to scare away most predators (& pesky neighbors!) Their beautiful, double coats make them best suited for cooler climates outside or as in inside companions. Even as puppies, they are calm, and low energy (until it’s time to work!) Their calm demeanor makes them excellent for small children. Although they are large in stature (average 80-120 pounds), they are very gentle giants with those they love.


Great Pyrenees were originally bred to guard sheep in the Pyrenees Mountains, which form a natural border between France and Spain. In the United States, with natural farming and livestock practices becoming mainstream, the Pyrenees are perfectly suited for Livestock Guardians. They require little to no supervision, and most take on the task naturally. When Pyrs are Livestock Guardians, they have been known to roam several miles when they hear animals in trouble. They can climb fences, open gates and squeeze through impossible things to get to their charges!

Now that you know more about this majestic breed, meet your new puppy!

Boy # 1, Badger, Reserved
Boy # 1
Boy # 1, Reserved
Boy #1
Boy #1, Reserved
Boy # 2, White, Reserved
Boy # 2
Boy # 2
Girl # 1, White, $400
Girl # 1
Girl # 1
Girl # 1
Girl # 2, White, $400
Girl # 2, White, Reserved
Girl # 2
Girl # 2
Girl # 2
Girl # 3, Badger, Reserved
Girl # 3
Girl # 3
Girl # 3
Girl # 4, White, Reserved
Girl # 4
Girl # 4
Girl # 4

Please message us with questions, or requests for puppies. Please comment with your oohs and aahs!

Follow us, like us, share us. We are Sweet Basil Farm & Gardens on Facebook. Look for us on PinterestYoutubeInstagramGoogle+ and Twitter. Our Farmers Market To You program delivers weekly Market Baskets full of farm fresh products all over Metro Atlanta, Middle Georgia and the Macon area. We are a local Middle Georgia producer of farm fresh fruits and vegetables and members of the American Poultry Association, licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture as Poultry Dealers and Brokers, and a proud member of the Georgia Grown program, a division of the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. We also breed, sell and ship poultry, pet pigs, bearded irises and much more. We have an 80 acre working farm, with great emphasis on all natural gardening and livestock management practices. An 1840’s general store is situated on our property, and serves as our on-site farmer’s market. We have a large vegetable and herb garden, fruit orchards and more. Conveniently located off of Interstate 75 near the Johnstonville Rd exit (#193). We are six miles west, located in Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia.

11 thoughts on “Great Pyrenees Puppies for sale @ Sweet Basil

  1. Are there any males left? Is the difference in price for the females based on their color? What type of grooming will they need? I live in Milner, is your veggie stand open to the public? Directions please from Milner off old 41 hwy. Thanks in advance. JJ Evans

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    1. Yes, the difference in price is because of the color. They do need brushing regularly, and if they stay outside, it is a good idea to give them a shave for the summer. We have one solid white male left. We are open by appointment only right now, for either animal pick-ups or Market Basket pick-ups. (Market Basket info can be found on our website- To get to our farm from Milner, go down Highway 41, towards Barnesville. Turn left onto College Drive, continue through Barnesville, College will turn into Johnstonville Rd., and we are a few miles down on the left. will Please let me know if you have any other questions, or would like to reserve the white male.


    1. Yes, I said previously we do have one white male left. The difference in the price is because of the color/markings, the same as with Labradors and Poodles, etc. We are open by appointment, in other words if you buy something and need to pick it up, in the Spring we will be back open for regular business hours. Again, if you are interested in produce, please visit our website to view our Market Baskets. Thanks.


    1. We have several Pyrenees and Standard Poodles, as well as small dogs. They all get along well, so a Labradoodle and Pyrenees should get along fine! As far as shedding, it is average, but they do require pretty regular brushing so they don’t get matted. Also, a close cut in the summer helps to keep them cool.


  2. Hi, I am very interested but I only have a 1/3 of an acre with an electric dog fence. The dog would be walked. I worry that a farming dog needs more land to run. The dog would be an indoor dog with an opportunity for daily outdoor exercise. Please advise. Thank you

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