Got Squash? Got Questions?!


images.jpegSo…you want to try a squash casserole, or maybe even a savory soup? But then…the choices begin. There are two types of squash, soft skinned a/k/a summer squashes and tough thick skinned gourd squashes a/k/a winter squash. Your typical summer squashes are zucchini and yellow squash. Winter squashes have much more variety and are very diverse, think pumpkins, butternut squash and acorn squash. Now, on to what to use them for… While most all squash are delicious baked, that’s about where the similarities end. Each type of squash has a uniqueness, while some can make delicious desserts, others make savory soups, and still more can even be substituted for pasta! I can go on and on about squash, but we know the real reason you’re reading this…is just how exactly DO I cut the dang winter squash?  Let us continue on then, so you can get on to that delicious recipe for dinner tonight…

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