ALICE’S FRESH APPLE CAKE…A Sweet Treat Recipe From Sweet Basil Farms

We took our delicious heirloom apple cake, and made it F.U.N. with carnival toppings.


Y’all, it’s officially Fall. In the South that means fairs, carnivals and festival season! Fall also means it’s harvest time for sweet, tart, and juicy apples! So…this is my favorite time of year to try out new and make all time favorite apple recipes. I took my heirloom fresh apple cake recipe (if you’ve tried it- you know it is better than any other inheritance!). But since it’s also “fair season”, I wanted to try to make it a little more fun. When you think about fair foods, candy apples are everywhere. There are the sweet and sticky red candy apples, nut covered caramel apples, caramel covered apples, candy and sprinkled apples and probably a hundred more. So, I set out to try 4 favorites for the toppings of Alice’s Fresh Apple Cake. We made pecan covered, caramel, kid approved Halloween sprinkles and chocolate covered in the Sweet Basil test…

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